December 12, 2010

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!

Shooting at Stages Theatre Company is always a pleasure! The kids truly love what they do there and they do an amazing job putting on the show, of course with the help of a handful of adult creatives!

Junie B, Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, DOES NOT disappoint. It's taken from one of the books from the beloved children series. Not only do all the children who come to watch love it, but you can hear just as many adults laughing in the audience.

This shoot was even more special knowing that my Aunts and two of my cousins were in the audience, as they'd driven down from the north for the show. After a great performance and shooting, my family as well as the family of Stage's creative director, Sandy, went out to dinner. Little did we know that all the while we were eating, freezing rain had been coming down and coating the roads. Despite my insistence that I'd be fine driving the 90 minutes home, it only took a few steps outside and nearly landing on my behind to agree to stay the night with Sandy and her family. (My relatives already had plans of staying there).

By the next morning, I was actually thankful for the horrible weather because I truly enjoyed every minute with Sandy's family, including two ADORABLE little girls, and my relatives. I finally made it home the next afternoon.

I'm excited to be back up at Stages in January for their next production!