July 3, 2011


It seems that everyone knows tattoo artist Megan Hoogland, or at least of Megan Hoogland. She probably doesn't remember this, but I actually met Megan for the first time about 13 years ago. It was the summer after my sophomore year in college and I had become friends with a girl that was apprenticing with a piercer at Megan's tattoo shop in Mankato. When I was briefly introduced, I was dumbstruck and ridiculously intimidated, which as you know, for me...takes A LOT. Megan has a presence about her, and it's more than just her beauty (but yep, she's pretty hot). Megan doesn't mince words, she doesn't hold hands or sugar coat anything. She doesn't have the time or want to. She takes charge, gets it done and moves the heck on....oh and not to mention that she's talented as hell (check out her work!)! A couple businesses later, bazillion awards, 3 children, Megan is still going strong (stronger actually!) and owns Mecca Tattoo in downtown Mankato, MN. I was lucky enough to have Megan tattoo my arm a while back.
<------------ (I should really blog about that, eh? Maybe when she does my sleeve work) If you're looking for some new ink, Megan is amazing, no matter what distance you are from Minnesota--her talent is worth the trip. (Dude, I totally just got "Mecca"!!!!)

July 2, 2011

Flowers in the Window

I love music, A LOT, and I LOVE concerts, A LOTTER (yeah, I just made that a word, deal). A few years ago I was in line with friends to see Travis (only one of the best inde rock bands to come out of Scotland....EVER....and I know, cuz I have a bit of an unnatural obsession with Scottish Inde Rock...but I digress). In line I met Jodi, another fan of the dreamy Fran Healy. Jodi told me about her love for Fran and the rest of the band members, and then about her kids, and right there and then, I knew I adored and admired her...the way she spoke about her little ones and their adoptions (2 girls from Haiti and a son from China), the struggles she and them had encountered and their strength as a family. She got the "this is one cool chick" stamp of approval. Jodi and I became facebook friends, and I followed the photos of her kids, and unbeknownst to me, she was following the photos I was posting of weddings.

When Jodi contacted me last year about shooting her wedding, not only was I excited to finally meet her children, but also the man that was worthy enough to earn all their love. When the three of us got together to discuss details, I thought Adam to be pretty awesome, albeit a bit shy (but then again, I've got a big personality and probably just scared him. lol) and above all, you could see the love they had for eachother nearly leaking out of their pours. Cuteness...to the Nth degree, for reals.

Rain seems to have been a theme for my weddings so far this year, and of course their's was no exception. When I arrived to the wedding venue though, Jodi's last concern was the rain. ALL SHE WANTED was to see Adam. Each wedding has that little moment, outside of the "I do's" and pomp and circumstance, where love whispers, and the edges of your lips crack into a smile of truthful joy....this wedding had so many of those moments. Jodi wanting nothing more than to see Adam, who'd she been sequestered from; her son walking her down the aisle on his new legs following another surgery, Jodi's youngest daughter sitting on the edge of the dance floor, wide eyed, watching the first dance and smiling; the way Adam's mother embraced her new Grandchildren as if they'd always been her Grandchildren, and Adam's brother choking up while playing guitar and singing a Travis song during the ceremony. I couldn't help but get choked up at that moment too...not only because it was my favorite Travis song, but because, when you see love, you know it.

I don't often put videos to "popular" music, mostly because of copyright infringement issues, but here's hoping that Fran forgives me.....

oh, ps....did I mention that the rain STOPPED, just long enough to go outside for photos AND have the ceremony outside? And not just stopped, but like "hey here's some amazing weather for you for 120 minutes, enjoy it"....way cool.

love, chelsea

mid year's resolution....and sista from another mista

Can I make a mid-year resolution? Yes, of course it involves my dead-beat blogging....I know, you'll believe it when you see it. sigh.

anywhoozel..........I'm going to blog a few weddings/engagements/bands/sessions/randomness in the next few days, in no particular order. (c'mon, when a deadbeat blogger decides to make an effort, just take it, accuracy in order isn't all that important. :))

Where to start...where to start......OH! Let's start with Leah and Tal! Unlike most Brides that I work with, I've known Leah..........oh, most of her life. I became good friends with her older sister when I was 8. Leah and her twin Brother, Ian, were 4. I claim their mother as a second mother (she's pretty much full of awesomeness, just saying).

Fast forward nearly 25 years (HEY! stop doing the math!)....and Leah is a beautiful girl in love with a handsome guy named Tal, and said handsome guy asked said beautiful girl to marry him. awwwwwwwwwwww. So, although I generally have this "no close friends and family rule", I agreed to shoot their wedding anyway...cuz I'm a softy like that (don't let the word get out, it might get all awkward up in here). Sure, I'm a little biased, but I know I'm not wrong when I say Leah was one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen, AND better yet....SO NOT A BRIDEZILLA. She took the rain, missing brother (we found him, no worries--he was assembling the Chuppa at the Ceremony site), and everything in stride that day.

Congrats to my "sista from another mista" and her new groom, he's a lucky man. (ok, she's a lucky gal too :))
Want to check out some of their photos? Of course you do...Leah and Tal