July 2, 2011

mid year's resolution....and sista from another mista

Can I make a mid-year resolution? Yes, of course it involves my dead-beat blogging....I know, you'll believe it when you see it. sigh.

anywhoozel..........I'm going to blog a few weddings/engagements/bands/sessions/randomness in the next few days, in no particular order. (c'mon, when a deadbeat blogger decides to make an effort, just take it, accuracy in order isn't all that important. :))

Where to start...where to start......OH! Let's start with Leah and Tal! Unlike most Brides that I work with, I've known Leah..........oh, most of her life. I became good friends with her older sister when I was 8. Leah and her twin Brother, Ian, were 4. I claim their mother as a second mother (she's pretty much full of awesomeness, just saying).

Fast forward nearly 25 years (HEY! stop doing the math!)....and Leah is a beautiful girl in love with a handsome guy named Tal, and said handsome guy asked said beautiful girl to marry him. awwwwwwwwwwww. So, although I generally have this "no close friends and family rule", I agreed to shoot their wedding anyway...cuz I'm a softy like that (don't let the word get out, it might get all awkward up in here). Sure, I'm a little biased, but I know I'm not wrong when I say Leah was one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen, AND better yet....SO NOT A BRIDEZILLA. She took the rain, missing brother (we found him, no worries--he was assembling the Chuppa at the Ceremony site), and everything in stride that day.

Congrats to my "sista from another mista" and her new groom, he's a lucky man. (ok, she's a lucky gal too :))
Want to check out some of their photos? Of course you do...Leah and Tal

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  1. Love the post sista! You did such an amazing job.