June 30, 2009

Two friend in Love

I couldn't be happier for two of my good friends who just recently got engaged. John finally popped the question to Colleen a couple weeks ago, and asked me to take some engagement and family photos while I was in Chicago for the weekend.

It's sort of a mini "Brady Bunch" with their his and hers children---they're going to make an amazing family. They're great parents with great kids.
Thanks for having me shoot you guys!

June 29, 2009

Mother Nature has been quite cooperative with me and my wedding photography this year....that is until this weekend. I was back in Illinois shooting the wedding of Matt and Rachel. It was a beautiful afternoon---problem was, they weren't getting married in the afternoon, they were getting married at 7pm, and there was a severe thunderstorm watch starting at 5pm.

Midway through the ceremony the thunder was clapping and rolling, but it was a beautiful evening ceremony nevertheless. The real problems started though when the bride and groom were making their "escape"...and it was quite a hurried escape and not the picturesque one intended. They were taking an antique Model A to the reception---oh, and did I mention it had no windows? The bride was still all smiles though.

We did the majority of the formals with a backdrop and studio lights at the reception site since we couldn't do outdoor photos that day. The bride and groom were EXTREMELY good sports about the whole thing.

Congratulations Matt and Rachel!

New Ink

I'm officially a walking advertisement for myself. :) I got my logo tattooed on my forearm on Friday. (minus the wording and banners)
My favorite tattoo artist, Omar Guttierez, at Revolution Tattoo in Chicago spent a few hours perfecting it. Omar also did my "crafty pirate" tattoo about a year and a half ago. No one else is allowed to tattoo on my left arm but him...that's how much I like his work.

so, without further ado....my latest addition:

here's a couple shots of the tattoo studio--if you're in Chicago and thinking about new ink, DEFINITELY go to revolution, hell, even if you're NOT in Chicago---it's worth the trip!

Fish Frye

no, not the food or event, the band.
I've known Ann for over 12 years now, as we used to work together at the university. She was one of the few "cool" people and I loved her from the very start. Although I haven't worked at the university for a long time, she still does, and she's still cool. :)
Ann is half of Fish Frye....a terrific local band. Her counterpart, Joe Tugas and Ann are quirky, fun, and extremely talented, and lucky me, they asked me to help them out with new photos!
You can check out the band at www.fishfrye.com

past due updates

I've neglected my blog, sorry....I've been pretty busy and haven't gotten around to it.

So, in rewind, I'll start with the wedding of Dana and Erick. If you recall, I did their engagement shoot not to long ago. They're a great couple that met while salsa dancing. The irony is that NEITHER of them wanted to go out that night...they were dragged by friends--and good thing they were!

Since they share a birthday, they decided to make it even more special and say their "I do's" that day as well--so, happy birthday and happy wedding day!

June 6, 2009

a new arrival

25 Miles down a very bumpy highway 83, east of Mankato is Waldorf, MN, population 235; make that 236. Alex and Kari welcomed Ella Christine to the world just over 2 weeks ago. (and three weeks early!) Ella was ready for her first close-up this week.

June 2, 2009

A late May wedding

I woke up Saturday morning and looked out the window and smiled, knowing it was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding! I had the pleasure of photographing Mindy and Cliff's wedding at Brae Park. They're an adorable couple, and were well deserving of the beautiful day.

Cliff and his father both own classic cars and I absolutely had to take advantage of that in the photos!

Thanks for letting me be part of your special day Mindy and Cliff!