November 27, 2009

A Country Wedding in Autumn

I can't possibly choose a favorite part of this wedding day, this couple, their friends, their families....despite the cool weather, the soggy ground and the misty air, David and Jenny's wedding day was perfect.

We took lots of photos at Jenny's family farm where she grew up just next to the Wisconsin border in LaCresent MN. The fall colors, the green hills dotted with cows and the beautiful fence and out buildings were stunning.
Jenny wore a beautiful Calvin Kline dress and vintage costume jewelry that David's mother found in an old house they purchased. She was a classic beauty in every way.
At one point at the reception site, I remember turning to my assistant and saying, "now THIS is how you do a country wedding."

November 10, 2009

Fifty-six stories above the ground in Dallas, in a revolving restaurant no less, Donovan and Michael walked into their reception, finally Husband and Husband. Their family and friends beamed with joy, and I couldn't help but join them.

Sadly, they had to wed in Connecticut, because the very state where they found their love, refuses to acknowledge it. Most people who know me, know this is a close subject to my heart and one that I'm quite vocal about....LOVE IS LOVE, no matter whom you love, and all love deserves respect and validation.

It means a lot that Michael and Donovan chose me and asked me to shoot their reception in Dallas, Texas. The Grooms, along with their guests, were amazing, and I had a great time, shooting and socializing.

Thanks Guys! Cheers to you and congrats!

What dreams are made of

How can I not love my job? Nearly every weekend, I'm surrounded by love and have the unique opportunity to capture and preserve it again and again.
Excuse the cliche, but Eric and Liz are beautiful inside and out, truly. (please, you can't deny that they're one hot couple, but it's so much more then their smile and eyes.) Hearing the stories of what they've given to each other and their families, including a liver from Liz to her brother, it's hard not to be touched and drawn into their love story.

I smiled and laughed with them, and cried when Liz's Father gave a truly moving speech. I was honored to have been there for their wedding, and wish them a lifetime of happiness!