November 10, 2009

Fifty-six stories above the ground in Dallas, in a revolving restaurant no less, Donovan and Michael walked into their reception, finally Husband and Husband. Their family and friends beamed with joy, and I couldn't help but join them.

Sadly, they had to wed in Connecticut, because the very state where they found their love, refuses to acknowledge it. Most people who know me, know this is a close subject to my heart and one that I'm quite vocal about....LOVE IS LOVE, no matter whom you love, and all love deserves respect and validation.

It means a lot that Michael and Donovan chose me and asked me to shoot their reception in Dallas, Texas. The Grooms, along with their guests, were amazing, and I had a great time, shooting and socializing.

Thanks Guys! Cheers to you and congrats!

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  1. It was great having you... Hopefully some day "family" will get the same rights. I know you mave many dear to your heart who deal with the same strifes and struggles to be accepted. Not by family and friends but by the law. Me and Michelle had so much fun with you. I can't wait for our wedding...and maybe if we save up for the next 10 years we will be able to fly you down :) Much love and wish you all the best.