June 29, 2009

Mother Nature has been quite cooperative with me and my wedding photography this year....that is until this weekend. I was back in Illinois shooting the wedding of Matt and Rachel. It was a beautiful afternoon---problem was, they weren't getting married in the afternoon, they were getting married at 7pm, and there was a severe thunderstorm watch starting at 5pm.

Midway through the ceremony the thunder was clapping and rolling, but it was a beautiful evening ceremony nevertheless. The real problems started though when the bride and groom were making their "escape"...and it was quite a hurried escape and not the picturesque one intended. They were taking an antique Model A to the reception---oh, and did I mention it had no windows? The bride was still all smiles though.

We did the majority of the formals with a backdrop and studio lights at the reception site since we couldn't do outdoor photos that day. The bride and groom were EXTREMELY good sports about the whole thing.

Congratulations Matt and Rachel!

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