July 3, 2011


It seems that everyone knows tattoo artist Megan Hoogland, or at least of Megan Hoogland. She probably doesn't remember this, but I actually met Megan for the first time about 13 years ago. It was the summer after my sophomore year in college and I had become friends with a girl that was apprenticing with a piercer at Megan's tattoo shop in Mankato. When I was briefly introduced, I was dumbstruck and ridiculously intimidated, which as you know, for me...takes A LOT. Megan has a presence about her, and it's more than just her beauty (but yep, she's pretty hot). Megan doesn't mince words, she doesn't hold hands or sugar coat anything. She doesn't have the time or want to. She takes charge, gets it done and moves the heck on....oh and not to mention that she's talented as hell (check out her work!)! A couple businesses later, bazillion awards, 3 children, Megan is still going strong (stronger actually!) and owns Mecca Tattoo in downtown Mankato, MN. I was lucky enough to have Megan tattoo my arm a while back.
<------------ (I should really blog about that, eh? Maybe when she does my sleeve work) If you're looking for some new ink, Megan is amazing, no matter what distance you are from Minnesota--her talent is worth the trip. (Dude, I totally just got "Mecca"!!!!)

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