August 3, 2009

sometimes two heads are better then one

My friend and fellow photographer, David Van Amber asked if I'd be his second shooter yesterday for the wedding of Kristen and John. I've always enjoyed shooting together with another photographer, and often have a second shooter or assistant photographer with me on shoots as well. David and I have different approaches and styles, which is even better, because it's a great mix of things and we play off each other well. When he was in doing formals of the guys in the church, I stole the girls for some outdoor shots, and then the guys when it was the girls turn in the church. After the ceremony we followed their party bus and I jumped out when we got to Como Park, while David stayed with the van, avoiding a parking ticket. When the party bus pulled into a sports bar though, I relaxed in the sun for a few minutes while David captured the shots and cheers. Sometimes it's nice to have a team.

I've been asked before if it's hard to be friends with your "competition." Although technically, yes, David is my competition, and both of us have lost jobs to the other before, I think we see each other more as fellow artists and are constantly talking about ideas together or new technology or even marketing ideas. I value the knowledge of every photographer friend I have. We also refer jobs to each other, if we're booked or it's not in our style area, it's nice to have a circle of photographer friends and associates to turn clients to.

Back to the wedding though....Another really fun couple made for another really fun day. Thanks!

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