August 20, 2010

Biking Beauty

At first I was really sad that one of my best friends and assistant photographer, Kate, moved 70 miles away, but truth be told, I think we're seeing each other outside of shoots more than ever. There's great trails and exploring to be had in the twin cities, and as she's just over an hour's drive away, my truck and I happily make the trip with my Garry Fisher in the bed.

Kate and I have a passion, no, an obsession with cycling.....and lucky for us another good friend is a bike mechanic and has a knack for custom bike building. Tuesday, Kate and I took our newest rides out in Minneapolis. Naturally, I couldn't help but bring a camera with and shoot Kate.

Here's a lil' video for your viewing pleasure.

PS, Kate and I will be in Chicago the 29th-31st of August on a shoot and attending a conference, if you're in the area we'd love to say hi!

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